Business Leaders for Victim Justice




The nationís economic health is only as strong as our capacity for justice and freedom is robust.


As Business Leaders for Victim Justice we write for our companies and our employees to urge enactment of the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims Rights Amendment because we see that the capacity for both justice and freedom is diminished by a criminal system that does not extend any constitutional rights to crime victims. This failure is obvious to even the most casual observer; it is a source of pain and injustice for our employees and those we serve.


The solution to the problem is equally obvious. For crime victims to be afforded basic rights they must be secured by our basic charter, the United States Constitution. Only when the rights of the law abiding are protected in the same way as the rights of the accused will there be balance and fairness in our criminal courts.


We commend you for your tireless efforts in this important cause and we stand ready to help take your message to the country.