Clergy for Victim Justice




We are clergy from a diversity of faiths united in a call for justice for victims of crime. We stand united in our support for the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims Rights Amendment.


In our ministries we are often called upon to care for those who have been injured by crime, both its victims and its perpetrators. We are often stunned to learn how the court system shuns the crime victim. Over and over we minister to those who ask questions that we cannot answer about mistreatment by the justice system. This second injury is often as devastating as the crime itself and makes our work of restoration even harder.


Surely our caring and just society can find a place in its courts for its victims. Surely every crime victim can be given notice of the proceedings in their case, be allowed the right to be present and heard at critical stages. Surely these basic commands of justice are not too much for a nation striving to be loving and just.


We stand behind your efforts to establish, preserve and protect constitutional rights for crime victims.