Prosecutors for Victim Justice



We are former and current prosecutors who have served the American People in courtrooms all across our country seeking justice for those whose lives have been shattered by crime. We are signing this letter to show our strong, united support for the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution.


We are Democrats and Republicans and Independents, members of other parties and members of no parties. We are conservatives and moderates and liberals. We transcend whatever differences that might divide us to unite around a simple yet profound goal: To bring basic justice and fair play to victims of crime by securing for them rights in our most fundamental law.


During our public service we have seen victims shut out of the most basic procedures in our courts; not given notice of court dates, not allowed to be present, nor be heard at critical times, not allowed timely disposition of their cases, nor had their safety considered when key decisions were made. These core values, the rights to notice, to be present, and to be heard, to have safety considered and to have decisions made in a timely manner are the minimum basic rights that a decent and fair society should extend to crime victims in court.


Opponents of these rights, even some from among our own ranks of prosecutors, warn of dire consequences if we do these simple things for justice. The critics are wrong. Our courts and cases will not be impeded by extending fair rights to crime victims. The experience in many of our jurisdictions confirms this plain truth.


But having rights protected in only some of our jurisdictions is not enough. These rights are so basic to fair play they should be the birthright of every American, preserved and protected against the whims of political or judicial change.


We strongly support the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims Rights Amendment and urge all Senators and Members of Congress to send it to the States for Ratification.