Sexual Assault Survivors for Victim Justice




We are Sexual Assault Survivors for Victim Justice and we are speaking out to support the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims Rights Amendment.


Many of us were silenced by our attackers and then silenced just as brutally by a criminal justice system that robbed us of our voice and our dignity. We will be silent no more.


The courts of our nation, and the criminal justice professionals who work in them, must no longer be deaf to our voice. The justice system exists, in part to vindicate our rights; it must no longer trample on them. The only way to be certain that we will have a voice is to enact constitutional rights for crime victims. Once in the Constitution, no court, no professional, no matter of whim or convenience, will be able to deny us fundamental rights of fair treatment.


Many of us have suffered much at the hands of offenders and government officials. To endure the former is our burden; to end the latter is our cause.