Survivors of Homicide and Drunk Driving Victims



We are the loved ones of victims of homicide and drunk driving who are joined together by grief and grace, by our devastating loss and by our devotion to justice. We are writing to express our unequivocal support for the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment.


Our experiences across America should be enough to confirm the need to establish basic rights for crime victims. During court and release proceedings in our cases, some of us have been denied notice; some have been denied a right to be present in the courtroom at critical times, and some of us have been silenced when we wanted our voices to aid in the search for truth and justice. These things should never happen to any American. These are conditions of injustice which do not befit a free people.


We stand strong and united in our resolve to see the Amendment passed. In the face of the unspeakable evil which has shattered our lives, we do this out of love; love for our families for our country and its promise, and love for basic fairness and justice.


We are bound together by circumstances which we pray do not touch another human heart. While we cannot change the violence which has taken so much from us, we can fight for a justice system that does not treat another victim like so many of us have been treated. We hope your colleagues will transcend the petty fears of the critics and stand with us for something that is so necessary and so right.


Support the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment.