Victim Advocates for Victim Justice




As criminal justice professionals we see firsthand the devastation caused both by crime and by the subsequent unfair treatment given to victims by our court system. That is why we have banded together as Victim Advocates for Victim Justice to support the Kyl-Feinstein Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment. We counsel and assist crime victims each day. We provide loving, safe, caring support during a very difficult passage for many crime victims. But no amount of training can prepare one for the devastation caused when the system itself is the source of the victimization.


When courts close their doors to the victim’s presence, when victims are not allowed a voice in the courtroom, when their interests in safety or timeliness are ignored, these failures take a tremendous toll. They undermine confidence injustice and in the long run they hurt our country deeply.


We have the means to end this injustice by the enactment of the Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment. We strongly support its passage and ratification by the States.